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The CNS Corporate Actions section is dedicated to supporting members throughout the CNS SMART/Track enhancement initiative with updates, training, benefits, and planned rollout dates.

Getting Started

Watch the video below for a quick introduction to the initiative, then watch the SMART/Track for CA Liability Notification Service webcast. Explore the CNS CA application using our CNS CA application replicator. Review FAQs to help prepare you for the system changes to come. Log in to view CNS Corporate Actions content in this Learning Center.

Benefits mentioned in the video include the ability for long brokers to submit instructions for:

  • Tenders & Exchange Offers
  • Consents
  • Optional Dividends

A new centralized location within the SMART/Track for Corporate Actions system dedicated to CNS enables you to:

  • View active coporporate actions on mandatory & voluntary events
  • Submit new instructions on voluntary events
  • View and change/delete submitted voluntary instructions
  • View potential/final liabilities.

Use the menu at left to access additional training content related to CNS Corporate Actions.

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