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DTCC Report Hub®

Welcome! In this section of the DTCC Learning Center you will find the resources you need to maximize your use of DTCC’s Report Hub offerings. To find the content you need, either use the Search field or select a jurisdiction below to access user guides, file specifications, video tutorials, FAQs, and more.

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DTCC Report Hub® Overview

DTCC’s Report Hub for SFTR offers capabilities to simplify and streamline the complex data and operational requirements of securities financing transactions reporting and will soon be available for derivatives trade reporting globally.

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DTCC Report Hub Online Help

 These online help files describe the use of the DTCC Report Hub® service.

Report Hub for SFTR Support Documentation

 These documents contain information on various topics related to DCC Report Hub including the Service Description, Reject Reasons, SAC Provisioning and Data Enrichment.

Report Hub for SFTR Templates

 All production templates for use with the DTCC Report Hub Service.

Report Hub for SFTR Samples

This is a sample file to support the submission of multiple values on a CSV file format across fields pertaining to Collateral, Margin Lending, Reuse and Loan data. 

Report Hub for SFTR Upcoming Changes

 These are the current release documents for the DTCC Report Hub Service.
Video Tutorials and Overviews Various video resources for the use of the DTCC Report Hub Service.








DTCC Report Hub (SFTR) Online Help

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