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Instructions Overview Page

Instructions Tab

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For a video and simulation of the instruction process, please see the Nervous Nelson presentation.


Three main steps

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Locate the Event


Enter the Instruction Information


Submit the Instruction


Locate the Event


There are a number of ways to display the Instructions tab.

  • From the Instructions Overview.
    Click to drill-down through event counts. Click events that cut off today or are active as of Record Date + 1. If event counts are greater than one record, a Search Results List displays.

  • From the Search Results List.
    Select the CA ID for the desired event.

  • From the Composite Search.
    Enter the CA ID directly to display the exact Event Record Detail for that event. Click the Instructions tab.


2. conditionally req


Accept Special Instructions, if any.

To accept special instructions, click Continue.  

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3. best practice


Confirm it is the right record based on the event summary information and the record date position.

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4. best practice


Review Warnings and Informational Messages, if any.

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Enter the Instruction Information

5. Required

  • Enter the election quantity against the specific options.

  • The total election quantity you enter may not exceed the record date position. If the quantity you enter exceeds the record date position you will be prompted to adjust the election quantities you entered.

  • For services other than Dividends with Options, eligible positions will appear under the Default Rate when the instruction window opens. This Default Rate represents the least favorable rate.
    Based on the beneficial owner’s tax status, you may instruct and move position to a more favorable rate.

  • Any unelected quantity will automatically be applied to the default option upon the instruction cutoff.

  • You can change your election quantity until the instruction cutoff occurs. For most events, the cutoff occurs at 8 pm ET on the cutoff date. You can see the cutoff in the DTCC Expiration Date/Time field on Search Results lists. Events cutting off today are shown on the Instruction Overview page.

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6. conditionally req

Enter supplementary information, if applicable.

  • For certain services and eligible CUSIPS, Beneficial Owner, Tax Exempt Control and Wire information may be required.

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7. Required 1

Add Contact Information.

Enter your name and phone number.


8. best practice

Review your submission.

Click the twisties to expand and show any portion of the instruction. Make any edits required by clicking the Edit button. Click Continue to advance forward to the Submit button.

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Submit the Instruction


Click Submit.

Additional instruction updates on this event can be made on the Corporate Action Web until the instruction cutoff.

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        best practice
  • To review your instruction, open the Instruction Audit Search.   

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Wires, Beneficial Owner, and Tax Exempt Control Information


Submitter Information

Standing Instructions

Aggregating Instructions Views