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Click on any of the links below to download the current onboarding pack, and Autoroute request form for the CFTC/Canada jurisdictions.

# Name Description Added On
1 DDR Onboarding Pack ASSET MANAGERS
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USA (CFTC) only. OTC Core only. Cross-asset. ZIP of XLS and Word docs. User agreements and other forms for use with onboarding asset managers. Version 14.

22 July 2020
2 DDR Onboarding Pack
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This form must be completed when onboarding with DDR for CFTC or Canada reporting to the Global Trade Repository.

10 May 2021
3 Onboarding Pack -Third Party Autoroute Requests
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This zip file contains the GTR DataTrak and AutoRoute Request Form v3.1 for Production and UAT.

13 October 2020
4 Onboarding Pack - Participant Autoroute Requests
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Version 5.0. The DataTrak/Autoroute form is designed with a DataTrak Input tab, and three (3) Autoroute tabs. Each Autoroute tab is for a specific jurisdiction. 

31 July 2019





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