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All Training & Certification Course Users Please Note:

As of December 31, 2020, this curriculum will be retired, pending replacement, as the built-in Adobe Flash functionality will stop working. We encourage you to complete any courses and assessments you've enrolled in before that date, as we cannot guarantee your progress will be recognized in the replacement version which will be deployed in 2021. Thank you for your cooperation.

- DTCC Learning


The GSD - GCF Repo® Service Membership course curriculum includes:

  1. An in-depth overview of the GCF Repo® Service
  2. A guided tour of the GCF Real-Time Trade Matching (RTTM®) system
  3. Detailed walkthroughs of relevant Billing, Funds-Only Settlement and GCF Reports published for Members.

After viewing webcasts explaining each of these topics, learners completing the GSD - GCF Repo® Service Membership course as part of New Account or New User learning programs will need to validate their understanding by completing multiple-choice skills assessments.


IF you are completing the GSD - GCF Repo® Service Membership course as part of a New Account or New User learning program:

Step 1 - Complete (view in their entirety) all webcasts included in the GCF Repo® Service Overview, GCF RTTM® System Navigation Overview and GCF Repo® Service Reports Overview topics.

Step 2 - Pass with a score of 80% or higher all assessments included in the above topics. You will only have two attempts (per assessment) to pass. If you fail to pass an assessment after two tries, you will be locked out of it (unable to begin a third attempt). You should notify your firm's learning program coordinator immediately and proceed to take any remaining assessments.

Step 3 - DTCC Learning will coordinate with your firm to setup an instructor-led webinar to review any material related to assessment questions missed by you or anyone on your team. Webinar attendance is mandatory to meety your firm's training requirements.

Step 4 - After attending the Q & A webinar, learners will have two business days and 1 final attempt (per assessment) to pass any outstanding assessments.

DTCC Learning recommends that any assigned online courses be completed as soon as possible to minimize the risk that training completion delays impact your firm’s learning program completion date.

Note: In order to receive credit you must use Internet Explorer since chrome 80+ no longer supports flash.