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Recommended EaSy Pool Resources: MBSD Easy Pool (ESP) User Guide

The topics in the EaSy Pool section of the MBSD Learning Center provide step-by-step instructions about how to use the Electronic Pool Notification (EPN) EaSy Pool (ESP) service. You can submit all original notification (ON), don't know (DK), cancel and correct (CC), and cancel (CX) messages through EaSy Pool. This guide assumes a general knowledge of mortgage-backed securities. This content is intended for information technology professionals, business analysts, and others who are responsible for implementing or operating EaSy Pool.

Introduction to EaSy Pool

EaSy Pool is a messaging service that enables you to communicate with your counterparties. It provides a formatted data-entry and display facility for Electronic Pool Notification (EPN) message entry, message display, reporting, receipt of messages, and administration.

To access EaSy Pool, ensure that you are using EaSy Pool with an existing access coordinator (AC) set up with DTCC or FICC. Verify that you have the correct permissions. 

Within the EaSy Pool section you can learn about:

  • Accessing EaSy Pool
  • How to navigate the EaSy Pool Home page
  • Transaction Management
  • Report Center
  • EaSy Pool Business Administration

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