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Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS)

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The Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS) system automates and standardizes procedures for the transfer of assets in a customer account from one broker-dealer and/or bank to another. ACATS also has an interface with NSCC’s Fund/SERV that facilitates the transfer of mutual fund assets between two broker-dealers, or a broker-dealer and a fund company.

ACATS enables participants to efficiently and automatically enter, review, and generate instructions to settle the transfer of customer accounts. ACATS facilitates the transfer of many different types of assets, including equities, corporate and municipal bonds, unit investment trusts, mutual funds, options, annuities, and cash.

ACATS transactions are not guaranteed, and therefore are subject to reversal in the event of the default of a participant that is party to a transfer.

All qualified NSCC full service Members and DTC bank participants are eligible to use ACATS. Mutual Fund Service Members of NSCC are eligible to use the service on a limited basis, through the interface between ACATS and Fund/SERV.

ACATS Modernization

To learn more about the ACATS shortened cycle modernization initiative, implemented on February 24, 2020, see the ACATS Projects.

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View the content updated for the ACATS Modernization Shortened Cycle release that was implemented on February 24, 2020. See NSCC File Formats and ACATS User Guides. Learn more about the latest features, including (in part):

  • Increased cycle time flexibility.
  • Adjusted transaction input deadlines.
  • Faster fund registration (FR) process.
  • New restrictions on adjustments to prevent additional transfer delays.

The following ACATS Overview eLearning courses are available (you must be logged in to view):

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This ACATS Overview is divided into five webcasts and is intended to serve as an introduction to ACATS processing. It should be supplemented with additional training demonstrating how to use the ACATS application along with a thorough review of the ACATS User GuideACATS DTCC Web Portal User Guide, and ACATS Record Layouts.

If you choose to test your knowledge by answering the questions at the conclusion of each webcast, your results are provided to you via email.

We invite you to complete the user surveys available beneath each webcast in the series. DTCC Learning welcomes your input and will review any suggestions you submit about the ACATS Overview webcast series.

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Learn more about ACATS important notices, membership, user guides, record layouts, and technical documentation. You may need to login to view this content.