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Corporate, Municipal, and UIT (CMU)

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The Corporate, Municipal, and UIT (CMU) system provides all of its customers with RTTM - a single pipeline, a common processing platform, and a standardized message format for the U.S. fixed income markets. RTTM reduces execution and settlement risk as well as costs because it allows customers to maximize the volume of trades that match on trade date, and ensures that trades are locked in and ready for settlement, moments after they've been submitted. It also allows firms to fix any processing problems the same day when an error occurs, rather than waiting for the following morning, as in the previous batch processing system.

Looking for information about the CMU RTTM® Web Rewrite?

To support the CMU RTTM Web rewrite, DTCC Learning is updating guides, webcasts, and other learning resources on the learning center. Watch this space for announcements about these updates in the near future.

CMU RTTM Web Quick Reference Guide

The CMU RTTM Web Quick Reference Guide is intended for CMU RTTM Web users who are familiar with the application. It provides a breakdown of the changes made to the look and feel of CMU RTTM Web and explains new features.

CMU RTTM Web User Guide

The CMU RTTM Web User Guide provides step-by-step procedures for all CMU RTTM Web system functions that relate to corporate bonds, municipal bonds, and unit investment trusts (UIT). Learn how to access the CMU RTTM Web system, enter and manage trades, handle unmatched trades, access reports from the Report Center, and troubleshoot.

You can access these and other CMU RTTM documents from the Documents tab at the top of this page.

What's New in CMU RTTM Web - August 7, 2018 Webinar Recording & Materials 

A recording of the "What's New in CMU RTTM Web?" webinar as hosted on August 7, 2018 by DTCC Learning is now available for CMU users who are registered to use the Learning Center. Presenters Ed Fanning (Director, Product Management) and Diana Simmons (Associate Director, Product Management) of Equities Clearing provide an overview of the enhancements to the CMU RTTM Web application in this 54 minute video (also available via the Videos tab at the top of this page).

DTCC Learning is also providing a copy of the presentation materials used in support of this webinar for those who attended. It is intended as solely as a reference and does not constitute a complete transcript of the information shared during the session. For that information we direct you to the webinar recording above.  

More CMU RTTM Documents

 CMU RTTM Super Access Coordinator Guide

Learn how to use the Customer Registration System (CRS) as a super access coordinator (SAC) or access coordinator to provision operators with CMU RTTM® products.

  • Super Access Coordinator - Create, modify, delete, manage, and monitor the credentials of other super access coordinators, access coordinators, and operators. Super access coordinators can also grant themselves operator access.
  • Access Coordinator - Manage operators, including creating, modifying, and deleting operator.
  • Operator

FAQs for Real-Time Trade Matching (RTTM) Processing for CMU Trades

For NSCC members to become familiar with CMU RTTM processing by reviewing frequently asked questions about the service.


Access and print the PDF version of the FAQs for Real-Time Trade Matching (RTTM) Processing for CMU Trades. Login to view all of the frequently asked questions.