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Institutional Trade Processing

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DTCC’s Institutional Trade Processing (ITP) service suite has its origins in the set of trade processing solutions that constituted the Omgeo business. Combining DTCC's global solution for legal entity identifiers and its settlement capabilities with the formerly Omgeo-branded pre-trade and matching services, ITP offers buy-side, sell-side and custodian firms an end-to-end straight-through-processing solution for their trading activity.




The industry’s largest and most compliant online global database for the maintenance and communication of account and standing settlement instructions (SSI). 

GMEI® Utility

The legal entity identifier (LEI) solution enabling the industry to standardize the identification of legal entities that engage in financial transactions.


The web-based central repository that stores broker/dealer confirmation disclosures.




The strategic plaform for the central matching of cross-border and domestic transactions automating the trade confirmation process across mulitple asset classes.


The U.S. domestic trade allocation and acceptance service that communicates trade and allocation details between investment managers and broker/dealers.


TradeSuite ID™

The trade agreement platform for U.S. domestic trades, processsing trade messages between all trading and settlement counterparties.


The service providing consolidated access for U.S. buy-side firms to various DTCC post-trade services and robust settlements management.



DTCC Exception Manager

The new platform for ALL market participants to publish, manage and communicate on exceptions throughout the trade lifecycle.




Analytical products that enable broker/dealers and investment managers to measure and compare operational performance against that of counterparties and industry peers.


Confirm Archive

The optional service for both CTM and TradeSuite ID that allows users to electronically archive and retrieve trade confirmations.




Find information and learning content that applies across multiple ITP services. 



CTM™ supports clients who trade in debt and equity, futures and options (ETDs), and repurchase agreements (repos) across multiple user interfaces and message interfaces.

User Interfaces include:

  • UI 4.0 for debt and equity client (limited, but streamline functionality) 
  • Trade blotter for debt, equity, futures, and options clients
  • Trade blotter for repurchase agreements

Message Interfaces include:

  • Direct XML interface
  • Financial Information eXchange (FIX 4.4) interface
  • Message Translation Interface (MTI)

Settlement and Other Notification Services include:

  • Trade blotter for managing settlement notification at pre-MATCH AGREED or MATCH AGREED.
  • SWIFT MT541/543 message specification, which includes corresponding Comma-Separated Value (CSV) mapping with examples.

Data Reference includes:

  • Product overview 
  • Commmon reference data and error code data reference 4.0 for debt and equity clients
  • Asset class overview for repos

At the end of the trade lifecycle, leverage the following additional services that store and maintain trade history:

  • Confirm Archive Service
  • Confirm Disclosure Service—Omgeo inSITE®

OASYS™ is the US domestic trade allocation and acceptance service that communicates trade and allocation details between investment managers and broker/dealers, You can find support for the following areas:

Area of InterestDescription
OASYS -TradeMatch™  A centralized matching system for US trades. Investment managers feed OASYS allocations into the TradeMatch system to match or match-affirm confirmations that were input by executing broker/dealers.
OASYS Direct & Workstation

The two interfaces you can use to work with trades in OASYS:

  • Direct is the XML interface, which includes corresponding .XSD files.
  • Workstation is the web application user interface

To learn more, select an OASYS topic from the menu on the left.

This section provides documentation covering features, functionality and best practices that apply across multiple Institutional Trade Processing services. It also contains resourches for using HTTPS, SFTP, MQ, and compliance requirements.

To learn more, select a topic from the menu on the left.

The DTCC Exception Manager service is a venue to publish, manage, and communicate on exceptions throughout the trade lifecycle process. This exception and workflow management service supports all securities transactions globally.

The DTCC Exception Manager service centralizes and standardizes exception processing to enable faster resolution and deliver a significant reduction in the number of exceptions. The below videos demonstrate how DTCC Exception Manager can be used in the day-to-day resolution of trade and settlement exceptions.

User Story 1 - A Manager's Perspective

User Story 2 - A Team Member's Perspective

In this area of the Learning Center, you can find documentation that provides an introduction to the DTCC Exception Manager service (see Service Overview), technical documentation about the data submission process (see Exception Data Processing: Reference and Message Specification), as well as short videos covering the functionality available in the DTCC Exception Manager User Interface.

A list of all asset classes and instrument types that can be processed through the use of the DTCC Exception Manager service can be found in the  pdf ITP Asset Class Coverage (217 KB) .

Note that access to some learning resources requires registration. Click Login or Register in the top right area of this screen and provide a business email to begin the process. Once logged in, all learning content will be visible.

The inSITETM service provides a web-based repository for storing broker/dealer confirmation disclosures. It allows broker/dealers to post their disclosures to the inSITE web site based on established enrichment profile crtieria that generates a reference number unique to that specific disclosure document. The confirm submitted by the broker/dealer through the CTM and TradeSuite ID services is then enriched with the inSITE URL and reference number assigned to the relevant disclosure. Investment managers and parties to the trade can then use the URL and reference number to view the associated confirm disclosure through the inSITE Viewer web site.

Providing the confirm disclosure with the trade confirm reduces costs for the broker/dealers, since they can eliminate the mailing of paper confirms.

Use the documentation and videos in this section to learn more about how the inSITE service works, for both broker/dealers who need to upload confirm disclosures and establish enrichment profiles and counterparties who want to access and view the enriched confirm disclosures.

CTM Confirm Archive and TradeSuite ID Confirm Archive are real-time, web-based services that allow users to electronically search and retrieve trade confirmations matched in either CTM or TradeSuite ID. Users can log in to the service to access up to ten years of confirmation history quickly, easily and efficiently. Confirm Archive streamlines archive management while complying with all requirements for retention and safekeeping of electronic confirmations. 

Use the courses, documentation and videos in this section to learn more about how Confirm Archive works for both users of the CTM and TradeSuite ID services.