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The below tables provides the 6 main Security Type Groups available in ALERT along with the mapping for the specific Security Types. ALERT Global Custodian Direct (ALERT GCD) organizations maintain SSIs at the highest level therefore if an investment manager wants to leverage the SSIs of a GCD, they should consolidate their SSIs to the Security Types listed under Main GCD Supported Security Types and Additional GCD Supported Security Types.


Security Type Groups  EQU  Corp FI Govt FI MM FX/CSH


Main GCD Supported Security Types EQU COB TRY MMT F/X  
Additional GCD Supported Security Types  GDR CON     CSH MSC

Securities supported in each Security Type Group           

ADR  ABS (Asset Backed) AGS (Agencies) BAS (Bankers Acceptance) CSH (Cash) MSC (Misc.)
EQU BKL (Bank Loan) FRM (Freddie Mac) CER (Representative Certificate) F/X (Foreign Exchange) OPC (Options Contract)
GDR (Global Depository Receipt) CMO GNM (Ginnie Mae) COD  MRG (Margin) PRC (Premium Contract)
PRS (Premium Shares) COB (Corp Bond) ITS (Indexed Treas Sec) COM (Commercial Paper) TBA (To Be Announced) PRP (Priv Place)
RTS (Rights) CON (Convertible Bond) MNB (Muni Bond) FIN (Finance Transaction) TIM (Time Deposit)  REP (Repurchase)
  CPN (Coupons) NSD (Non US Sovereign Debt) MMT (Money Market)   TRS (Trans Ship)
  FPA (Face or Principal or Nominal Amount) TRY (Treasuries) REP (Repo)    
  ILB (Inflation Linked Bonds)        
  MBS (Morgage Backed)        
  NTE (Notes)        
  SLA (Student Loan)        

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