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Yes. Investment managers and broker/dealers can view and amend stipulations on TBA trades. In the 3.0 trade blotter, select the trade you want to view or amend, then do one of the following:

  • View stipulations - Click Trade - View. The View Block Fields screen opens with new stipulations fields.

tba view l2 matching stip

  • Amend stipulations - Click Trade - Amend. The Amend Block Fields screen opens. Scroll to the L2 Matching Stipulations Fields section. The left side of this section is view-only and shows the current values for the stipulations. in the right side, you can amend the values you entered or add or remove stipulations to match the stipulations of your counterparty. If you click Force Match, all L2 matching fields defined in the investment manager's matching profile, including stipulations, assume the broker/dealer's values.


tba amend block stips

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