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If you require block type identifiers, use the following guidelines when you submit XML messages:

  • New Trades - When you submit a new ACWF trade, such as a TradeDetail where FunctionOfTheMessage = NEWM, follow these trade identifier guidelines:
    • The best practice is to sumbit a MasterReference that is identical to the ClientAllocationReference. Similarly, if you submit a ClientAllocationReference, submit an identical MasterReference.
    • If you do not submit a MasterReference, then do not submit a ClientAllocationReference. Conversely, if you do not submit a ClientAllocationReference, do not submit a MasterReference
    • If you do not want to submit a MasterReference or ClientAllocationReference, omit both fields from the TradeDetail.
  • Existing Trades - When you submit a message for an existing trade, such as a TradeDetail where FunctionOfTheMessage = REPC, follow these guidelines:
    • Submit a MasterReference or CTMTradeSideId or
    • Submit a ClientAllocationReference or CTMTradeDetailID or a combination of the following:
    • Submit a MasterReference or CTMTradeSideId and
    • Submit a ClientAllocationReference or CTMTradeDetailID



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