• A Tour of IFT Access

    IFT Access allows Distributors to submit brokerage identification number (BIN) or representative of record (REP) changes. Click the image to launch this video tour. Watch from start to finish or use navigation tabs to select topic.
  • A Tour of LNA Access

    LNA Access enables distributors to submit licensing and appointment requests and producer information transactions. Watch from start to finish or use navigation tabs to select a topic.
  • A Tour of the Producer Management Portal

      The Producer Management Portal allows Distributors to quickly find Producer training course completion information and real-time point-of-sale training authorizations using a front end screen. Click the image to launch this video tour. Watch from start to finish or use navigation tabs to select topic.
  • FICC GSD Membership Onboarding

    Welcome to the FICC GSD Membership Onboarding section of the Government Securities Division's Learning Center! If you are interested in learning more about FICC's GSD services or have plans to apply for membership, you may bookmark this page and refer to it when necessary. Outlined in this section you will find the steps you can expect to complete during the onboarding process. This...
  • FICC GSD Services & Benefits

    What types of memberships does DTCC offer?  DTCC itself is a holding company and does not offer memberships directly. It does, however, offer various types of memberships through its subsidiary entities and joint venture entities, which cater to various business needs. These entities include, but are not limited to The Depository Trust Company ("DTC"), National Securities Clearing...
  • Preliminary Qualification Wizard

    The Prequalification Wizard is designed to reduce the time it takes to determine your membership eligibility and connect you with an Onboarding Specialist. We've identified some of the commonly asked questions about the "Preliminary Qualification Wizard" and answered them here. If you are already a DTCC Member you do not have to complete the 'Wizard; instead, please call Customer Service at...
  • Risk Management (GSD)

    Welcome to the Risk Management (GSD) section of the Learning Center! As a CCP for eligible trades submitted by its Netting Members, GSD mitigates credit, market and liquidity risks in the financial services sector by standardizing and implementing risk management practices. GSD manages these risks that arise from outstanding obligations through various processes like mark-to-market, margining...
  • GSD Risk Frequently Asked Questions

    This section provides a central location for all the FAQs and their answers related to Risk Management for GSD. Please select the FAQ topic you are interested in learning more about from the topics listed below. FICC Customer Reporting FIR - FAQs  General GSD Risk Management FAQs GCF Repo Risk Management FAQs  
  • User Interfaces

    All Omgeo CTM users can leverage our user interfaces to view and manage their matching exceptions. The latest version of the User Interface, 4.0, is available now and more functionality will be added throughout 2017 and beyond. Older versions of the User Interface, 2.0 and 3.0 (also known as the Trade Blotter), can still be used in parallel with 4.0. To learn more about the different user...
  • Videos—Confirm Archive for the CTM Service

    Watch the videos in this section to learn more about Confirm Archive for the CTM service. 

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