DTCC is committed to provide secure and efficient access to TradeHub users. Since F5 Fire Pass is out of support we've upgraded the F5 SSL VPN device to BIG IP Edge to improve security when connecting to our service. As a result TradeHub users will need to take appropriate actions before the deadline to avoid disruption and loss of connection to TradeHub in Production.

Client Action

TradeHub users need to install the BIG IP Edge Client software. Below you will find step by steps instructions on how to install this software.

If required, the below instructions can be printed and/or saved to PDF by using your browser printer options.

1. BIG IP Edge Client can be installed on your machine through a web download. Please work with your desktop administrator to ensure you have administrator (admin) rights prior to following these instructions.

2. Open a new web browser and enter the URL https://vpn.omgeo.net using Internet Explorer 11.

3. Login with your VPN credentials.

vpn login

After logging in successfully the Privilege Guard ActiveX Installer window will open.

privilege guard activex installer

4. Click Install to download the BIG IP Edge Client software on your machine. Follow the install instructions.

5. To check if the BIG IP Edge Client software has installed go to Control Panel - Programs and Features and look for the following:

ControlPanel 64

6. Once the BIG IP Edge Client software is installed, test your connection to make sure you can connect to Omgeo TradeHub.



"DTCC” is the brand name under which certain affiliates of The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation provide services in particular geographic areas. Omgeo, a legally separate and independent entity is the affiliate that is offering the services described above and is subject to the laws and regulations of the particular country or countries in which it operates. Please see www.dtcc.com/terms for a detailed description of The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation and its related entities.

Certain Omgeo LLC services are subject to regulation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and are offered by Omgeo Matching Services – US, LLC (“Omgeo Matching Services”), which is set out in SEC Release No. 34-44188; File No. 600-32; 66 FR 20494 (April 17, 2001). Omgeo TradeSuite ID and Omgeo Central Trade Manager are services of Omgeo Matching Services and are subject to SEC regulation when used for trades in which either the broker-dealer or its institutional customer is a U.S. entity and the securities in the trade are issued by a U.S. issuer. No other services offered by Omgeo LLC are regulated.