Fixed Income Membership Onboarding Section

Welcome to the Fixed Income Membership Onboarding Section

In this section prospective members can learn about the process for becoming members to take advantage of the:

  • Fixed Income Clearing Corporation's Government Secutities Division's products and services
  • Fixed Income Clearing Corporation's Mrotgage-Backed Secutities Division's products and services
  • Fixed Income Clearing Corporation's and National Securities Clearing Corporation's Corporate, Municipal, and Unit Investment Trust products and services

Each subsection of the Fixed Income Membership Onboarding section is divided into three parts with the exception of the NSCC CMU Membership Onboarding subsection which only has two parts.

Part One, open to all prospects, provides an overview of the process and will help you understand:

  • the benefits of membership,

  • the "Preliminary Qualification Wizard" (what it is/what it's used for);

  • what the onboarding process entails (a high-level overview); and

  • if membership is the right choice for you.

Part Two, available to prospects who have been provided with a designated login by a DTCC Onboarding specialist, provides:

  • guidance and instruction designed to assist you in completing the necessary steps in your onboarding journey.

Part Three, available to firms that have just started using the products and services of the Fixed Income Clearing Corporation's (FICC) or to new employees of existing member firms who needs to get up to speed on how it all works, provides:

  • learning paths that will help you learn the most important tasks to know for the membership types of the FICC.

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