Submission and Processing Rules (HKMA Phase 2) 

Manually Uploading a Message Submission using Spreadsheet Upload

Once the message has been created, the next step is to submit it into the GTR. How you do this will depend on the format the message has been created in and whether or not you are automating this submission.

Spreadsheet Upload

Follow these steps to access the GTR Portal and submit by uploading spreadsheets:

1. Go to the portal at

2. Type your User ID and password and click Login.

3. Select D/S Global Trade Repository from the DTCC Portal Menu for Production or D/S PSE – Global Trade Repository for the UAT environment.



4. Select Participant in the dropdown. Enter your Participant ID and then select the asset class O-Code in the dropdown.



The dashboard on the GTR homepage shows your firm’s latest list of batch submissions (providing ACK, NACK) to the GTR. These may vary based on the asset classes to which you have access (O-Codes: 2xxx for Commodities, 3xxx for Credit, 4xxx for Equity, 5xxx for FX). 


4. Click Upload. The Upload page appears.


5. Click Browse and select the spreadsheet file that you want to upload. Click Upload to finish.


HKMA Phase 2 Documentation & FAQs

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