Legal Notice System (LENS)

DTC’s Legal Notice System (LENS) service offers access to a comprehensive online library of notices concerning DTC-eligible securities that are published and furnished by third-party agents, courts and security issuers.


This video explains how to view LENS Notices. The total length is 5:37 minutes. 

  • Introdution 0:00 to 1:25
  • Notice Types 1:28

  • Notice Results 1:56 

  • Today's Notices 2:38 

  • Yesterday's Notices 3:05 

  • Notices Since Last Login 3:27 

  • Downloading Notices 3:52 

  • Viewing Preferences 4:20

  • Conclusion 5:22

DTC's Legal Notification System streamlines and centralizes every notice in the DTCC library, making each one available to you in its original document form. With LENS, you never have to miss an important securities-related notice.

  pdf Click here to download the brochure and learn more about LENS. (7.53 MB)

DTC participants can elect to access notices on a per-notice or subscription basis. A subscription offers unlimited viewing and downloading of notices for a fixed fee.

Service Level
Access a Notice
Viewing or downloading of a notice during a single user's online session. $21 per notice
On a Pay As You Go Basis E-mail a notice to one or more recipients. $21 per recipient
Subscription Unlimited viewing and/or downloading of notice(s) by multiple users. E-mail a notice to one or more recipients. $2,000 a month per Participant number $21 per recipient

Click here to download the DTC Fee Guide

LENS provides a means for agents, issuers and courts to make legal notices concerning DTC-eligible issues available to investors. LENS offers a central location for legal notices and search capability that enables users to find the specific notices they need.

To post a legal notice to LENS free of charge, email the notice to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will receive confirmation once the notice is processed.

Note: Users must log into LENS to view notices. Please be advised that all notices posted to LENS are made available to all registered users, irrespective of whether the user holds or has never held the security referenced. Please review all notices before submitting them to DTCC to ensure that they are appropriate for LENS.