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Basics Of Obligation Warehouse (OW)

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Added on :  26-Mar-2018
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Obligation Warehouse (OW) is an electronic matching engine for transactions that are not sent to DTCC through traditional exchanges or QSR’s. This webcast is the second in a series of presentations designed to help you better understand the Obligation Warehouse and the role it plays throughout the life cycle of an obligation. To do so, this webcast focuses on the basic features of Obligation Warehouse and provides a high level look at the flow of information related to processing obligations, including:

  • Various paths, or inputs, an obligation takes to enter into Obligation Warehouse.
  • Automated events obligations undergo during OW processing.
  • Multiple outputs available to members through files, MQ messages, and the OW Web Report Center.
  • Phase 2 enhancements implemented in 2013.
  • Benefits to the industry provided by the Obligation Warehouse.