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  • Documentation—Direct and Workstation 7.0-7.2

    Use the documents in the following table to learn more about version 7.0 to 7.2. Direct Workstation Both    
  • Data Reference

    Use the data reference resources for an overview, controlled field values, error handling, and field definitons.
  • TradeSuite ID Web Interface - Online Help (Documentation)

    Use the following online resources to learn more about the TradeSuite ID Web Interface modules and access instructions about how to use all of the available features: Product Release Information (contains details of the most recent release)  Confirm/Affirm: Investment Managers NearMatch: Investment Managers ID Directory: Investment Managers and Executing Brokers Broker Trade...
  • TradeSuite ID/SWIFT

    TradeSuite ID/SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) is the integration of TradeSuite ID, SWIFT, and your portfolio management system. Use the following documents to learn more about how to use SWIFT in your TradeSuite ID environment:
  • Quality Control Reports

    The TradeSuite ID service provides agents, brokers, and institutions with monthly online quality control reports to allow them to compare performance against that of the industry. Sample reports enable users to see how to access useful information online. For more information, access the Quality Control Reports.      
  • Best Practices and Implementation Guides

    Use the following general and market-specific best practices and implementation guides to learn more about how to optimize specific areas of your CTM service. General Market-Specific
  • System and Setup

    Use the system and setup resources to install and configure the CTM service. Installation and Configuration Application Development Batch Scheduler
  • Product Release Information (Current and Archive)

    Use the Product Release Information documents to learn more about each CTM release. 2018 2017  
  • TradeSuite ID: Post Trade Analytics

    You can analyze the monthly benchmarks data for the TradeSuite ID service using Post Trade Analytics. This document provides an understanding of current affirmation rates for your trades, as well as performance of parties and counterparties on your trades. For more information, see the following document:
  • CTM™

    The CTM™ service is our strategic platform for the central matching of cross-border and domestic transactions automating the trade confirmation process across multiple asset classes, such as equities, fixed income, repurchase agreements (repos), exchange traded derivatives and synthetic equity swaps. This area of the learning center provides you with resources to understand how your...
  • ACATS Documentation

    This section is dedicated to Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS) important notices, membership documents, user guides, online help, record layouts, and other technical documentation. You can also access information about ACATS modernization. If you are unable to access information, login to your DTCC Learning Center account. ACATS Modernization ACATS Important Notices ACATS...
  • CTS Documentation

    This section is dedicated to CTS Important Notices, Business and Technical documentation, User Guides, FAQs and Working Group Meeting Notes. Look for CTS Testing information under CTS Technical Documents. You may need to login to view this content. CTS Important Notices CTS Business Documents CTS File Layouts CTS User Guides & FAQ Documents CTS Working Group Meeting Notes
  • Limit Monitoring Documentation

    This section is dedicated to Limit Monitoring important notices, user guides, and record layouts. Access the online help to learn about the DTCC Limit Monitoring features. You may need to login to view this content. Limit Monitoring Important Notices Limit Monitoring User Guides Limit Monitoring Record Layouts and Specifications Limit Monitoring Onboarding  
  • OW Documentation

    This section is dedicated to important notices, user guides, SWIFT messaging specifications, and other technical documentation related to the Obligation Warehouse (OW) service. Login to view the content. OW Important Notices OW User Guides OW Record Layouts OW Testing
  • CBRS Documentation

    This section is dedicated to CBRS important notices and fee schedule, user guides, record layouts and other technical documentation. Login to view this content. CBRS Important Notices & Fee Schedule CBRS User Guides CBRS Record Layouts and Technical Files Download additional CBRS record layouts available...
  • UTC Documentation

    This section is dedicated to UTC Guides & Notices, UTC MRO File Specifications and UTC Input/Output Message Formats. You may need to login to view this content. UTC User Guides & Notices UTC MRO File Specifications UTC Input/Output Message Formats
  • CNS Documentation

    This section is dedicated to CNS documentation. It includes technical content, as needed. You may need to login to view this content. CNS User Guides
  • Documentation—Confirm Archive

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