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This section of the Learning Center contains all the support documentation for new GTR clients who are currently onboarding to the DDRL trade repository.


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Effective 15th of June 2020, all EMIR onboarding shall be managed through Manage Services platform. Manage Services is a product available to GTR clients via MyDTCC (US Portal) and MyDTCC – EMEA (EU Portal). Currently, Manage Services is available for the SFTR and EMIR services. 

 Click on any of the links below to download the current onboarding pack, and Autoroute request form for the Europe (ESMA/ EMIR) jurisdiction. REQUIRES LOGIN 


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1 Mandatory Delegated Reporting

EMIR Refit - Mandatory Delegated Forms - including: Light onboarding form, Light Offboarding form, FAQ for Offboarding and FAQ for Porting requests - amended as of 20th May 2020.

09 June 2020
2 TR Portability Form

This zip file contains TR Portability Form.

16 June 2020




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1 Agent Lender Submission Fees Opt in Opt out

This document is to allow agent lender clients to opt in or out of paying their clients' SFTR reporting fees.

09 July 2020

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1 SFTR Introductory Service Onboarding Guide SFTR Introductory Service Onboarding Guide

This document provides step by step guidance for Onboarding to the GTR SFTR Introductory Service.

14 September 2020