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The below table describes the matching tolerance option codes you can set on the eligible fields in a matching profile.

Code Description Parameter 1 Parameter 2 Notes
EXCT Exact Match Not applicable Not applicable Tolerance values are disallowed
PTOL1  Percentage Tolerance Above/Below Not applicable Use this code to provide an acceptable over-under percentage value on a field
PTMX1 Percent Tolerance Max Percentage Value Use this code if a small percentage can markedly affect a field value. For example, for an entire block with 20 allocations, a tolerance of 1% can be unacceptable
MNMX Minimum/Maximum Below Your Value Above Your Value Use this code to set each boundary of an acceptable field value
NUFM Not Used For Matching Not applicable Not applicable Use this code to exclude a field from your matching profile
CPOP Counterparty Populated Not applicable Not applicable Use this code to have the CTM platform validate that your broker/dealer counterparty has populated the Place of Trade field at the block. An empty Place of Trade field results in a status of MISMATCHED (MISM). The CPOP matching rule only applies to Place of Trade


1For a percentage tolerance, enter the actual percentage number (for example, 2) and not the decimalized equivalent (.02). Specify the actual percentage number in Parameter 1.


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