The T+2 Test Approach: Detailed Testing Framework

The purpose of this paper is to provide DTCC Members with a detailed plan for testing T+2 changes with DTCC and other industry infrastructures. The paper includes detailed information on:

  • The structure of the T+2 industry test, including information on other industry infrastructures participating in the industry test, testing cycles and testing schedules
  • DTCC’s T+2 and T+3 test environments, including information on the role of the different environments, how to connect to the different environments and how to get all the required access in both environments to support testing
  • Suggested test scenarios which Members can use to begin preparing their own T+2 test plans.

T+2 Whitepaper UPDATED - Version 2.0:

pdf The T+2 Test Approach: Detailed Testing Framework (Version 2.0) (1.17 MB)

T2 whitepaper cover


Also available:

pdf Test CUSIPs For T+2 Industry Testing (1.37 MB)

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